A Safe Producer of Intermediate Chemicals

The Cornerstone Chemical Company’s Fortier Facility sits on 800-acres in Waggaman, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans and represents a significant economic and civic investment to the local community and the state of Louisiana.

The Cornerstone Fortier Facility manufactures high quality products shipped around the globe, including acrylonitrile, melamine and sulfuric acid/oleum. These chemicals go into goods to make life safer, help improve and protect the environment, improve the productivity of the land and improve the longevity of many articles we use. Visit the Products page for more information on end product uses. 

A Valued Workforce, Community Partner & Responsible Corporate Citizen

At Cornerstone, we believe our workforce is the key to our continued success. With more than 450 permanent employees, the Cornerstone Fortier Facility is a significant employer in the area. More than 50 percent of the site’s workforce lives within 10 miles of the facility. Each year, the facility generates a payroll of more than $47 million, which cascades through local purchases and investments across the region. Local annual purchases of approximately $350 million create jobs for local suppliers and contractors.

By contributing time and resources, we enhance the lives of the people and institutions in our community. We have a history and a reputation of supporting local community organizations.  For more information on our efforts in the community, CLICK HERE.

“For more than 60 years, the Cornerstone Fortier Facility has provided good paying jobs and benefits to its employees, has been an integral part and supporter of the local community, is a responsible near neighbor and has continuously provided economic support to local and state government in the form of contributions, support of initiatives and taxes.”

-- Paul Mikesell, Chief Operating Officer